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"The programs offered by Dean Jacobs offer a rich and unique learning opportunity for our Nebraska schools."
- Dr. Matt Blomstedt, Commissioner of Education for Nebraska

"Thank you for helping to open the world to our students. Your brilliant presentation provided an excellent vicarious reinforcement to the joy of learning and connecting to others in our world. Your show is a wonderful, cross-curricular inspiration for students to ponder and explore. The students (and staff!) enjoyed your awe-inspiring photographs and narration depicting the magic that exists in this world.”

Nikki Kiser, 4th/5th Grade Social Studies
Muscatine, Iowa

"I was in awe of how beautifully you handled speaking to such a large crowd of wiggly, chatty kids. You're obviously a pro, and I don't think I've ever seen anyone so effectively connect with an audience under such challenging circumstances.”

Lisa Roberts, Assistant Director | Iowa Youth Writing Project
Iowa City, Iowa

View this inspiring, interview style documentary of Dean Jacobs' visit to the Ballard School District. Sponsored by Huxley Communications.
Letter of Recommendation from Huxley Communications.

Dean Jacobs conducting Skype call

"Montezuma Community Schools was fortunate to have Mr. Jacobs visit our school in March and then again in May. The second meeting was through a Skype video conferencing meeting. Our students were able to see some awesome photos of his most recent trip to the Amazon and use technology in a way many students have never done before. Our students benefited in many ways over the course of our two meetings.”

Darin Jones, PK-6 Principal
Montezuma Elementary

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Motivating Students in a New and Lasting Way

As a Certified High Performance Coach ™, Dean has transformed the work he does in schools, primarily social and emotional learning and school/classroom climate and culture.

Dean’s work in social and emotional learning has always focused on students finding the positive around them and to have a goal focused life that is wrapped around his signature theme, “Dream Big Live Tall and Make the World Better”.

Dean’s expanded motivational speaking engagements have a lasting positive impact on student achievement and student success in the schools that he addresses.

So, what does that look like in an expanded contracted/consulting perspective?

With motivational speaking engagement, Dean will provide several strategies that teachers can use to continue to motivate students and help them “Dream Big Live Tall and Make the World Better”. For example, one strategy is to help students learn how “feed their dreams," which involves learning habits that can empower them for their journey. Contact Dean to learn more.

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Dean has been called the "Traveler of our Times," not because he travels, but for his commitment and skill to share these experiences that expand our appreciation of the world. Dean has this remarkable ability of making the impossible seem possible, of making the world seem like a wonderful, exciting place to be instead of a place to be fearful of.

In a complex world is it a daunting challenge making social, geographic and cultural issues real to your students?

Do your students rolls their eyes when they hear the word assembly?

Change that by exploring the world with speaker, author and photographer Dean Jacobs.

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Here's What Educators Are Saying...

"We had your presentation, and then a couple of weeks later at conferences I had several parents tell me that their kids were super impressed with your presentation. These are kids that normally don't get too excited about anything. You are making a lasting impression for sure!"
5th grade teacher, Jefferson Elementary
Omaha, NE

"Dean's presentation helped students connect to the world outside their classroom. His writer's workshop supports several state standards in science and language arts. Through his book, Wondrous Creatures, students were exposed to informational text and the structure and function of living systems."
First Grade Teachers, Fire Ridge Elementary School
Elkhorn, NE

"Dean's writing workshop came at the perfect time as we were just starting to work on writing a 5-paragraph essay in 5th grade English class. We'd been talking about how to organize your thoughts and make a story interesting, which is exactly what Dean talked about. I'm excited to be able to make the connection between what Dean talked about in his workshop with what we were doing in class."
Alicia Minner, Montezuma Elementary School
Montezuma, IA

"I loved the way Dean opened up the whole world for the children - showing them pictures, videos, and teaching them about the Amazon rainforest plus so much more. Dean taught our kids how to dream and told them that they can see their dreams come true. This is a priceless present to them. Both my children are still talking about Dean days later. He has definately made an impact."
Maureen Paetz, Colorodo Elementary
Muscatine, IA

“Dean brought the world to life and challenged our students to reflect on their own struggles and to experience life with absolute authenticity.”
Dan Bird, Superintendent Burwell Public Schools,
Burwell, NE

“Dean was like a breath of fresh air that came swooping in to help us all see more than we ever saw before.”
Amy Tharp, Literacy Specialist Littleton Public Schools,
Littleton, CO

"I have never seen someone work so well with such a wide variety of students. Our Kindergarten students were mesmerized while our 11th and 12 graders were equally impressed.”
Dan Martin, Principal Howells Public School
Howells, NE

Here's What Students Are Saying...

"After hearing Dean speak, I want to go everywhere in the world. He showed me that sitting in my backyard all my life will not lead to happiness. I'm going to chase my dreams no matter what it takes."
McKaya Justus

"I learned not to live in fear but to live with curiosity."
Alejandro Vasquez

"Don’t let fear or the opinions of other people hold you back from your dreams and aspirations."
Anonymous Student

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With the implementation of the Common Core, Dean Jacob’s non-fiction presentations are the perfect fit for author visits. His school presentations extend language arts into the worlds of science and social studies, as they affirm that reading fluency is the dynamic foundation of education. His real world themes easily and effectively support teachers as they make the transition to the new Common Core State Standards Initiative.

  YOUR Nebraska
This project is intended to capture and experience the magic of Nebraska. It is a way to deepen our appreciation of: where we came from, who we are and what we aim to be.

In this presentation and workshop we explore your Nebraska, learn about those who stayed, rediscover the state’s history and uncover hidden treasures in a compelling and educational way. A writing workshop has been created to accompany this presentation.

Grades: All grade levels elementary through collegiate. Each program is tailored to the specific grade level.

  Wondrous Journey
Participate in an interactive and informative program which highlights a two-year, 28-country journey around the globe. An optional writing workshop accompanies the program that leads students through a journal writing exercise in which they will use their five senses to describe images from around the world.

The book, "Wondrous Journey," documenting Dean's first journey around the world for two years, is available for purchase after the presentation.

Grades: All grade levels elementary through collegiate. Each program is tailored to the specific grade level.

  G is for Gorillas and Giving
Travel to Africa and meet the mind-blowing Mountain Gorillas that call it home. An optional writing workshop accompanies the program entitled “Scientists for a Day” that establishes the framework of students as scientists in Africa; journaling on their animal studies.

Grades: All grade levels elementary through collegiate. Each program is tailored to the specific grade level.

  All Things Amazon
From the source to the mouth, explore the Amazon River and rain basin. This program highlights the discoveries and challenges of a six-month journey exploring the Amazon rain forest of South America.

Learn about some of the amazing plants, animals and peoples that call the Amazon home. Ideas, information, and issues are presented in an engaging and interesting format that brings the Amazon to life!

Grades: All grade levels elementary through collegiate. Each program is tailored to the specific grade level.

  Wondrous Mississippi
Based on a two-month journey following the Mississippi River for 2,300 miles from its source to its mouth, students experience the beauty of the nature, the depth of the history and the inspiring people of this historic and vital river.

Grades: All grade levels elementary through collegiate. Each program is tailored to the specific grade level.

  Wondrous Creatures - Explore a World of Animals
Learn about and explore the various habitats around the world and some of the amazing animals that live there. An optional writing workshop accompanies the program entitled “Scientists for a Day” that establishes the framework of students as scientists in various habitats; journaling on their animal studies.

The book, "Wondrous Creatures," documenting Dean's exploring wild animals from around the world is available for purchase after the presentation.

Grades: Elementary level. Each program is tailored to the specific grade level.

Length of presentations: Presentations last for 1 hour.

Audience size: Classroom to auditorium.

Dean cooking with women in Egypt

Teacher's Promotional Tools

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Mongolian Children

Additional Workshops

(By request)

1. Pack your suitcase: Dean prepares to lead the students on a journey around the world.

2. Artifacts from the journey: Special treasures acquired on the journey are shared and discussed.

3. Questions and answers: Students are unleashed to ask all the questions they want.

  A Writing Adventure Workshop
For those who wish to take the magic even further, Dean offers writing workshops called “A Writing Adventure” for elementary and middle school students. This is an active workshop where students write and share their work with the class.

It is a workshop for those who are hungry to write and have a desire to learn more. I share my experiences and techniques used for keeping a travel journal. Students are led through exercises that lead to writing good stories and have an opportunity to practice their own writing skills.

I share 5 steps for writing good stories and the students have an opportunity to practice. Positive feedback and encouragement are immediate.

“Teachers have not seen students so excited to write. Dean lit a fire in our students through his assembly and workshops.”
Deb March, Principal, Highland Elementary,
Littleton, CO

“Your spirit and enthusiasm sparked our students’ writing and made a positive impact on their outlook on writing. We have never seen our students so ravenous to fill a page writing their creative thoughts.”
Rohwer Elementary 2nd and 3rd grade teachers,
Omaha, NE

Workshop size: Classroom

Length: One hour


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