Dean Follows His Dream to Help the Achuar

Dean with Achuar Children

The Achuar Territory has 7,000 people, living in 76 communities spread across 2 million acres of pristine Amazon rainforest.

I am starting this project with the Tiinkias village school because I have developed a relationship with the elders of this community and we share a mutual trust. I also have a positive and growing relationship with many schools in the U.S. and when we have success in Tiinkias, the Achuar Education Project will branch out to other communities.

“We talk about saving the rainforest of the Amazon, but how can people from the United States do this? One way is to support the education of the young people who call this place home. To support the guardians and the stewards of the rainforest who are already protecting what we both care about.”

Many times schools in the U.S. are looking for what is termed service learning projects. These are generally designed to educate students about a location, people or animal project in need. The students research and raise money for the project while learning how to help others across the globe while having fun doing it.

This project will be a great way for the Achuar to see something positive about opening their lives to the west, especially since they've experienced the opposite (READ MORE).

Achuar Education Project is a very effective way to support the Achuar villages and teach U.S. school children about the rainforest and the people who live there. What a powerful way to save a patch of the Amazon rainforest by supporting those who are the stewards and guardians of this beautiful sacred place.

Collet Park Elementary Supports the Achuar

Collet Park Elementary students
My friends at Collet Park Elementary in Albuquerque, NM collected donations for the Achuar Education project. I am so moved by their kindness.

The sign hanging in the middle reads:
"You saw a need. You chose to give. You changed someone's life!"

"Collet Park Kids warmed the world with kindness!"

"Our Collet Park Children chose to be kind. They raised $323.42 for Achuar school supplies."

WAY TO GO Collett Park! Very proud to know you!
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